Helpful Online Tips are a Great Resource for Caring Pet Owners

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As of last year, according to estimates, more than 43 million households owned dogs. On top of that, the average American pet owning household has 1.6 dogs, and there are 2.1 cats in those homes. Because even the tamest and most well-behaved pets can be a hassle, especially if you have two or three in your house, finding some helpful free pet advice online can be quite helpful. Whether you need some basic dog training tips to help your puppy learn what is acceptable and what is not, or information about how to keep your cat happy and healthy, finding some online advice is always a good idea.

One of the best tips you can find online is about how to keep track of your pet. If you live out in the country and want to let your cat or dog run free in the fresh air, you might constantly worry about whe

Essential Pet Advice for Every Dog Owner

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Guard dog training tips

According to the Humane Society of the United States, 46 percent of American households owns at least one dog; and around 28 percent owns at least two dogs. You would also have to assume that even more Americans would like to own a dog, but certain life circumstances prevent them from doing so. Perhaps they have careers that require them to work more hours or travel too frequently to commit to a pet; or maybe their landlords do not permit dogs on their properties. Regardless, America is clearly in love with dogs, which has made websites offering free pet health advice online quite popular.

While most dog owners truly love their pets, did you know that the average dog owner spends only 248 dollars per year on veterinary care? This may be an understandable amount for an owner of one, healthy, young do

Does Your Dog Understand No? Three Quick Tips for Training Your Dog

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Did you know that, in ancient China and Japan, Japanese Chins and Pekingese dogs were regarded as so important that they sometimes had their own servants, and were used as gifts for emperors and kings? Today, the dog is still considered a cherished friend of mankind, though few of us choose to reward our pets with their own personal servants.

When it comes to looking for free pet advice online, one of the most frequent desires is a guide to basic dog training tips, since a misbehaving dog can be quite the handful. Here are three tips to help you keep you sane and your dog obedient.

1. Be specific in your commands! Saying No is not a bad idea, expect it is not clear information for your dog to follow. If you tell your dog No after she jumps on the table, she might interpret it as a desire for you to jump h

Why History Has Contributed to Humans Loving Cat Videos

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Many cat owners say they prefer cats over dogs because cats are a bit more aloof, and make us work for their attention. Interestingly enough, the brain of a cat is more similar to a human brain than that of a dog. The region of our brains and of the brains of cats that are responsible for emotion are identical in placement, according to What Cats Are Made Of.

Maybe we love cats because they remind us of what we would be like if we had the luxury of expressing our emotions with hissing and meowing rather than, say, passive aggressive sticky notes. Funny pet videos often capture the strange links between humanity and animals. One of the most popular pet videos to ever be recorded, for example, is of a cat named Fatso playing a keyboard. Although this cat was actually being manipulated by human hands unseen by

Watch Funny Videos Online to Pass the Time

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Funny pet video

The internet is a great tool for all sorts of things including research, keeping up with the latest news, and staying connected with old friends and distant family members. But many will use it to simply pass the time and be unproductive. If that is the case, they might want to watch funny pet videos. Nowadays, the amount of videos, pictures, and audio files that can be added to websites is virtually limitless, and the freedom that the internet allows means that users can upload almost anything they want, including pet videos. So anybody looking to just kill some time or procrastinate at work might want to hop online and watch the latest videos.

At work in an office, it is not uncommon to hear a coworker trying to stifle a laugh when they are not even talking to anyone. When that happens, they might be reading a funny email, having an entertaining conversation through an instant messenger or listening to a funny radio program. But many will also be watching silly pet videos that are meant to draw a laugh. Anybody who owns pets knows that, sometimes, they do funny things and even the most attentive owners might not really understand why. If those moments are caught on film, owners can upload those pet videos and share the funny things that their animals do with anyone.

In years past, it might have been difficult for people get their pet videos on the computer, and even more of a challenge to put them on a website. But today that process is simpler than ever. Most cameras will be able to quickly hook up to a computer and are designed to make it easy to upload videos with just a couple clicks on the mouse. And because so many websites allow users to submit cool videos that they have either found or created, including funny pet videos, sharing them with other web users is easy.

While some might use websites designed specifically for sharing videos, others might just use social media to upload their pet videos. While this might not allow individuals to share them with strangers, it will make it easy for friends and relatives to see the silly things that pets do during the course of the day. At times, lots of people will admit that watching videos and pictures of pets can get a bit annoying, but most would also agree that, at times, it can be funny and enjoyable to watch pet videos. So posting a video on social media will elicit a smile more often than not.

Why are Funny Pet Videos Popular?

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Funny pet videos

Why are funny pet videos so popular? It is no secret that some of the most popular videos on youtube are just simple, home recordings of pets doing strange things. Although the big contenders are dogs and cats, there are some birds, lizards, and other assorted animals making the rounds as well. The other day, me and my friend were looking for non traditional pets and we found funny pet videos of lynxes, bats, and skunks.

Perhaps one reason people like funny pet videos so much is that they represent a type of simplistic joy and humor. Pets often have a variety of innocence that we shed in our childhood, and it is funny to watch them get excited over paper bags, become scared by lights, et cetera. Many of the videos also highlight strangely human characteristics, like dogs who seem like they can talk, and cats with very expressive faces, like Grumpy Cat.

Pet videos can also highlight the type of unadulterated love that is often difficult to capture on film for people. Cats cuddling with dogs, dogs befriending deer, deer acting as a mother to a group of abandoned ducklings, et cetera. Perhaps it makes us hopeful to realize that even nonhuman life forms can have a fondness for each other that goes beyond the basic instincts of survival, but seem to replicate the human experience of friendship, love, and caring.

Whether or not you like funny pet videos, you have to admit that they occupy a unique place in culture, and something almost everyone can understand when we reference it. People might not know the latest news or changes in government, but they will know about the video of the sneezing panda cub, or the clip of the talking bird that seems to have a mind of its own.

Grumpy Cat Says No

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One of the beautiful aspects of the Internet, or one of the many pitfalls, is the ability to find entertainment in just a few simple clicks of the ole mouse button. With websites dedicated to topics of funny pet videos, hilarious news bloopers, comic strips, and everything in between, it is hard to say that you cannot find something worthwhile to make you smile. The truth is that there are so many funny pet videos out there that a 30 second video might lead to 30 minutes of searching for the next funny video, and the next, and the next, and so on until you realize your entire lunch break just went by thanks to all the cats playing piano videos out on the Internet. If you have time on your hands, it might be a fun idea to start scouring the various resources and websites out there dedicated to funny pet videos.

The only thing to keep you in the loop for funny pet videos, like a dog running over a screen door because the vacuum startles them, is to start searching for animal videos on video heavy websites. These websites typically have all types of videos with everything from educational clips on how to wash a rug to music videos created by various people throughout the world. Searching through the archives of a video sharing website for funny pet videos would be the best strategy when it comes to these massive video websites that have a bank vault worth of entertaining videos. The only trick will be not getting distracted and sticking to the funny pet videos instead of trailing off to watch sports bloopers from the 1980s. Be sure to do this on your free time because, as we all know, you might lose track of time and go over that lunch break if you are not careful.

Pet Videos Are The Bestest!

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If you like pet videos, especially funny pet videos, as much as I do, then you probably view the internet as the greatest thing that’s ever happened. Sharing pet videos you make at home used to be pretty tough… You actually have to get your friends and family to sit down and while you hook up the VHS player and haphazardly fast forward to that one moment where your dog Scruffy does a backflip and makes one of your buddies fall down.

Now, thank goodness, video editing software lets you make concise and hilarious pet videos that can capture the moment perfectly, and video services like YouTube make it easier than ever to share these great clips with the whole world, not just your immediate circle of fellow pet lovers.

Talking animals, singing animals, kitten mosh pits, guilty dogs… There’s a whole world of cute and funny pet videos to enjoy. One of the best ways to cut to the best ones is to find out which are the most popular. Especially at the end of a given year, the cream of the crop of pet videos will have garnered millions of collective hits, making it easy to compile some really great top ten lists.

Back in 2010, Mishka the husky was a pretty big internet celebrity. This owners of this beautiful dog posted some amusing and endearing pet videos in which Mishka “talks” in a completely comprehensible and convincing human voice, modulating his whines and other sounds into expressions like “I love you!” and “How are you? How are you doin’?”

You can also have endless fun (like I do!) searching for particular animals or types of pet videos. You never know what you’ll find but I guarantee you’ll find something! I never get tired of watching ferrets perform their mating and play fighting dances, just like I never quite get sick of seeing guinea pigs sneeze, especially in slow motion. Which kinds of pet videos are your favorites?

Reduce Stress with Funny Pet Videos

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Funny pet video

In a world as stressful as the one in which we live, humor is often essential in order to get through the day. Sure, people today may not have to suffer through the same things that people did during the the days of the earliest English settlers, at least life back then was simple. While most of us are fortunate enough to go home to our natural gas burning fire places and central air conditioning, the stress level of modern life can be unbearable. Fortunately, funny pet videos can provide us with good, hearty laughs. Thus, if you feel like you are at your breaking point, a funny pet video is a good way to laugh off some of that frustration.

There is a rather famous online video in which a wise, old yogi discusses the healing value of laughing. While watching the video, you quickly learn that he is right as you find yourself doubled over in uncontrollable laughter, as the yogi demonstrates how to achieve the deepest most resonant laugh. In fact, watching the yogi is probably more funny than almost any funny pet video that you might find online. However, one cannot deny the fact that the portly, chuckling yogi is far less adorable than the animals in any funny pet videos. However, some may find that a large number of funny pet videos are not really that funny, at all. But there is something else about funny pet videos that make us want to watch them. Basically, people enjoy watching funny pet videos because they are often more fascinating and cute than they are funny.

While funny pet videos in which dogs howl along to Bah Bah Black Sheep, as its master bangs away on piano, are funny to a degree, it is actually more fascinating. The same thing goes for a funny pet video in which an English bulldog dances on its hind legs to a Coolio song. While the video is funny, the behavior is not. The fact that the dog is dancing to that particular awful music is what is funny, not the fact that the dog is dancing. However, one cannot deny that the actions of the dog in this supposedly funny pet video is fascinating. Therefore, if you are desperate for a laugh, do not waste your time on funny pet videos, watch the laughing yogi, instead.

Funny Pet Videos!

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Pretty much everyone searches the web for funny pet videos nowadays. They are one of the most popular forms of viral content to circulate around the web and have been for years. Why? Because they are awesome. Nearly everyone has had a pet at some point in their life if they do not now and all pet owners can think of times when their beloved pet has done something silly or accidental and it has been really amusing. The internet allows us to all share these awesome moments that would normally be reserved only for the people who happened to be around when their pet did something silly. Everyone loves to watch and have fun with their pet and with the internet we can all enjoy each others’ favorite times with our favorite pets.

Our site aggregates the very best funny pet videos that we can find on the internet. We watch these videos all day, so when we say that our videos are the best, you can trust us. We love our pets and videos of them at least as much as anyone else, so we brought that joy and passion to you with our website and all the funny pet videos on it. If you have funny pet videos of your very own, we would love it if you shared them with us and on our website. When you do that, everyone can enjoy your pet’s hilarious antics as much as you and your family. We all love pets and we all love watching them do strange and humorous things, so why not join the conversation and sharing? Your dog, cat, fish, parrot, or whatever you own probably does not really even have much of a sense of shame, anyways.