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The 3 Top Benefits for Keeping Your Dog on an Exercise Regimen

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Pet crate end table

Making sure your pet is getting enough exercise is important, especially as they age. Atrophy sets in with older pets and they lose their muscle tone, which lead to their overall skeleton becoming weaker as well. Plenty of exercise can help keep atrophy from occurring at a quick rate, as well as keep them from becoming overweight, which can take a toll on their joints. As an extra bonus for you, making sure your pets are staying fit probably also means you’ll be improving your own fitness, whether you take them for longer walks or runs or visit a dog park. Investing in pet exercise equipment can be a fun way to engage them in play activities that will keep them moving, increase agility, and burn off some energy. Female dogs also tend to be a bit more active than male dogs, so that’s something else to keep