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3 Important things you should know about neutering and spraying

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Arizona spay neuter clinic

There are certain things that we all should know when it comes to pet care. For example, when it comes to finding the right veterinarian, our choice of vet can make a very significant difference in the way our pets remain healthy and are cared for. At the same time it significantly affects the cost of veterinary care. In other words, finding the right vet means being able to find a vet that will not only provide the right care for our pets but also one who can be our partner in the care of our pets. Aside from finding the right veterinary clinic, one of the most important things that any pet owner should know is the importance of neutering and spraying and finding the right Arizona spay neuter clinic. So here are some facts about neutering and spraying and finding the right AZ spay and neuter clinic.

First, you may know that dogs only have sweat glands on the pads of their feet although they also cool off by panting, but do you know that if neutering is done before six months of age, it can also prevent testicular cancer. Second, neutered dogs and cats are less likely to stray from home. Moreover, they behave better than other dogs and cats that were not neutered. And according to statistics, 85 percent of dogs that were accidentally hit by cars are not neutered or sprayed. Neutered dogs are less likely to stray because it removes their desire to mate with other dogs, which is basically the main reason why dogs leave their homes and then return later. Third, due to the high number of unplanned litters, every year millions of cats and dogs are either euthanized or become stray. These could have been prevented by simple neutering or spaying of our beloved cats and dogs. There are just too many benefits or advantages of bringing your dog to an Arizona spay neuter clinic.

Now, when it comes to finding the right spay and neuter clinic AZ, the first thing that you should do is to do your research. Look for AZ spay neuter clinics near you. See their ratings and reviews from the many review sites. Here you will see that there are spay neuter clinic az that offers professional veterinary care and neutering or spraying at fair rate. One of the main concerns of many pet owners is the cost of neutering and spray. Through a simple research you might be even surprised at the low cost options that other Arizona spay neuter clinics offer. Now, once you have found the Arizona spay neuter clinic near you, do not hesitate to talk to the vet about your other concerns. You will learn about the other benefits of bringing your dog or cat to an Arizona spay neuter clinic for spraying or neutering.

Pet Videos Are The Bestest!

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Funny pet videos

If you like pet videos, especially funny pet videos, as much as I do, then you probably view the internet as the greatest thing that’s ever happened. Sharing pet videos you make at home used to be pretty tough… You actually have to get your friends and family to sit down and while you hook up the VHS player and haphazardly fast forward to that one moment where your dog Scruffy does a backflip and makes one of your buddies fall down.

Now, thank goodness, video editing software lets you make concise and hilarious pet videos that can capture the moment perfectly, and video services like YouTube make it easier than ever to share these great clips with the whole world, not just your immediate circle of fellow pet lovers.

Talking animals, singing animals, kitten mosh pits, guilty dogs… There’s a whole world of cute and funny pet videos to enjoy. One of the best ways to cut to the best ones is to find out which are the most popular. Especially at the end of a given year, the cream of the crop of pet videos will have garnered millions of collective hits, making it easy to compile some really great top ten lists.

Back in 2010, Mishka the husky was a pretty big internet celebrity. This owners of this beautiful dog posted some amusing and endearing pet videos in which Mishka “talks” in a completely comprehensible and convincing human voice, modulating his whines and other sounds into expressions like “I love you!” and “How are you? How are you doin’?”

You can also have endless fun (like I do!) searching for particular animals or types of pet videos. You never know what you’ll find but I guarantee you’ll find something! I never get tired of watching ferrets perform their mating and play fighting dances, just like I never quite get sick of seeing guinea pigs sneeze, especially in slow motion. Which kinds of pet videos are your favorites?

Reduce Stress with Funny Pet Videos

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Funny pet video

In a world as stressful as the one in which we live, humor is often essential in order to get through the day. Sure, people today may not have to suffer through the same things that people did during the the days of the earliest English settlers, at least life back then was simple. While most of us are fortunate enough to go home to our natural gas burning fire places and central air conditioning, the stress level of modern life can be unbearable. Fortunately, funny pet videos can provide us with good, hearty laughs. Thus, if you feel like you are at your breaking point, a funny pet video is a good way to laugh off some of that frustration.

There is a rather famous online video in which a wise, old yogi discusses the healing value of laughing. While watching the video, you quickly learn that he is right as you find yourself doubled over in uncontrollable laughter, as the yogi demonstrates how to achieve the deepest most resonant laugh. In fact, watching the yogi is probably more funny than almost any funny pet video that you might find online. However, one cannot deny the fact that the portly, chuckling yogi is far less adorable than the animals in any funny pet videos. However, some may find that a large number of funny pet videos are not really that funny, at all. But there is something else about funny pet videos that make us want to watch them. Basically, people enjoy watching funny pet videos because they are often more fascinating and cute than they are funny.

While funny pet videos in which dogs howl along to Bah Bah Black Sheep, as its master bangs away on piano, are funny to a degree, it is actually more fascinating. The same thing goes for a funny pet video in which an English bulldog dances on its hind legs to a Coolio song. While the video is funny, the behavior is not. The fact that the dog is dancing to that particular awful music is what is funny, not the fact that the dog is dancing. However, one cannot deny that the actions of the dog in this supposedly funny pet video is fascinating. Therefore, if you are desperate for a laugh, do not waste your time on funny pet videos, watch the laughing yogi, instead.

Remembering a Pet

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Gravestones for pets

With more than fifty percent of family homes having at least one pet, there is going to be many sales of headstones for pets at one point of another when the beloved pet passes away. This is something that every pet owner must deal with and it is rather difficult. Many claim that their pets make them smile at least once a day and having headstones for pets that can serve as pet grave markets can often make a difference to someone who is suffering and trying to make sense of the untimely death of their pet. The loss of a pet to many is like the loss of any other loved on is ones family and it is only right that headstones for pets be made to celebrate the life of a lost loved pet. The act of choosing headstones for pets can be a great way to put to rest the pet and handle the overwhelming sense of grief that comes attached to it. Gravestones for pets are up in sales, and there are pet grave markers that are often chosen to accompany the headstones for pets. Pet stones are growing in popularity and so long as people are pet owners they will continue to exist.

Funny Pet Videos!

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Pet video

Pretty much everyone searches the web for funny pet videos nowadays. They are one of the most popular forms of viral content to circulate around the web and have been for years. Why? Because they are awesome. Nearly everyone has had a pet at some point in their life if they do not now and all pet owners can think of times when their beloved pet has done something silly or accidental and it has been really amusing. The internet allows us to all share these awesome moments that would normally be reserved only for the people who happened to be around when their pet did something silly. Everyone loves to watch and have fun with their pet and with the internet we can all enjoy each others’ favorite times with our favorite pets.

Our site aggregates the very best funny pet videos that we can find on the internet. We watch these videos all day, so when we say that our videos are the best, you can trust us. We love our pets and videos of them at least as much as anyone else, so we brought that joy and passion to you with our website and all the funny pet videos on it. If you have funny pet videos of your very own, we would love it if you shared them with us and on our website. When you do that, everyone can enjoy your pet’s hilarious antics as much as you and your family. We all love pets and we all love watching them do strange and humorous things, so why not join the conversation and sharing? Your dog, cat, fish, parrot, or whatever you own probably does not really even have much of a sense of shame, anyways.

Dog Tags Help

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Dog tags for dogs

Given that one female dog and her puppies could produce nearly five thousand puppies in seven years, it is important that we have a method for knowing which dogs are ours. There are dog tags for pets that can help with this, and given that our own pets can recognize us based on our scent alone whether we are bathed or not or what extras we have on, we should at the very least have dog id tags out there that can help us indicate our pets, just as they have a method for being able to recognize us. While researches have found that dogs can most likely sense fear, we should have dog tags for pets that others know what kind of pet we have, and if fear causes them to act out in any specific way. There are cat tags, as well as pet ID tags that can tell if a dog has allergies or is aggressive, but for many the pet tags are a way of helping the lost pet find his or her owner. These dog tags for pets can be engraved or embossed on the surface. The plastic pet tags with etching in many colors can be highly reflective dog tags for dogs. This is one of their greatest distinguishing factors and the reason many lost pets are able to find their way home.

Taking Care of Your Pet Even When the Veterinary Bills Get STEEP

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Pet insurance

Securing quality health insurance for your family is something everyone thinks about, but don’t forget that pets are part of the family, too! Pet health insurance is a growing business that can allay the costs of medical care when your pet faces an unexpected health risk. Cat insurance and dog insurance are obviously the most common, but the best pet insurance may offer options to cover other pets like ferrets or rabbits, or even exotic animals.

Pet health insurance that can cover your animal’s expenses will have varying restrictions and premiums. Compare pet insurance plans to find out how your pet will be covered. Pet health insurance premiums are often higher for older animals and may have a cutoff age, sometimes 9 years for dogs or cats. Examine pet insurance reviews to find out whether or not other pet owners are satisfied with their coverage.

Although pet health insurance is technically a kind of property insurance, it’s still a means to protect these vulnerable members of your family from disease and injury. Learn more.

Animal Au Paws in Purcellville VA

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Animal Au Paws

38192 Highland Farm Place

Purcellville, VA 20132


Local Business Picture

Animal Au Paws (AAP) full service Pet Sitting and Dog Walking company incorporated in Northern Virginia, serving Loudoun and Fairfax Counties. Its owner, Diep “Rosie” Bundick, is a long time resident of Northern Virginia. Rosie and her husband, Paul, have owned and cared for pets all of their lives and have a deep affection for all animals. They are proud and loving parents of three pets: Max (a Labrador/Rottweiler mix) and Scooter (rescued from abandonment so your guess is as good as ours). After providing pet care for friends, family, and colleagues for many years, Rosie found something that she loved to do. She decided it was time to close the chapter on a 10-year career in software development and program management and follow her hearts desires . . . caring for animals!!!

The Funniest Videos You’ve Never Seen

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Pet videos

Funny pet videos can often go viral if they are post on the internet. And pet videos have been appearing everywhere in the past few years. One of the reasons for this is because of the wide availability of mobile technology. Pet videos can be fairly easy to take now, whereas at one point they might have to be staged with a video camera. Now, pretty much the only thing that anyone uses for a funny home video is a phone. At least, that it is only thing that anyone needs to make a pet video.

There are now millions of smartphone users in the United States. And there are going to be millions more people who own a smartphone in one form or another next year. It is for this reason that people are, more or less, able to record a video anywhere. This does not mean that the quality of the pet videos or other home videos recorded on a smartphone are perfect. Nonetheless, it should be noted that the pet videos that were recorded on the older film cameras were not perfect either.

Pet videos provide a venue for people to post humorous anecdotes which everyone on the web can enjoy. They might not be as popular as the images of cats on the web, but these videos do suggest how diverse the opportunities for most people actually are when they want to have a sense of all that is available on the web.

Entertainment on the web can be found pretty much anywhere. But pet videos are among the best places for many people to find this sort of entertainment, and it is for this reason that people will continue to look to the web for the sort of videos that can punctuate the drearier moments of the day. Sometimes one needs the LOL cat video for the last leg.

The best treats for every breed of dog

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How to make dog treats

94 percent of all pet owners claim that their pet gives them reason to smile at least once per day. Providing healthy dog treats could be an easy way to return the favor. Healthy dog treats could be the perfect way for anyone that loves their pet to show them in a way that they will appreciate. Not only could learning how to make dog treats be a terrific activity for families to partake in together, but it could also help to keep ones dog healthier over time.

Many dogs will be able to smell healthy dog treats well before they are presented to them. Dogs can detect most odors at parts per trillion concentrations. In fact dogs usually know their owners by smell. Whether someone is just back from the gym, have used a scent or they have just showered will not matter. According to research, it is very likely that a dog can small anxiety, fear, and even sadness.

Likewise, they will also be able to smell peanut butter dog treats and wheat free dog treats well before they are presented to them. Seeing the excitement on the face of ones four legged friend could be all the reason one needs to give healthy dog treats to them. Homemade dog biscuits and other healthy dog treats could be the perfect thing for any kind of dog. Homemade dog treats like these could be used to help train a puppy or show dog as well. Perhaps the best part about healthy dog treats is that unlike less healthy options, they will not affect the dogs health negatively, which is something every pet owner will love! Check out this website for more.