Heartworm Disease in Dogs and the Importance of Preventative Measures for Puppies

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It is estimated that a million dogs test positive for heartworms every year in the United States. The severity of this disease is measured in the number of worms that they have. Once infected, a dog may have 30 or more worms in their heart and lungs. Since this is such a serious disease, it’s important for dogs to have regular tests to determine whether or not they are infected.

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) states that all dogs are susceptible to acquiring this disease. Their age, sex, or living environment doesn’t make a difference in this regard.

When someone brings a puppy into their home, it’s important to take them to their first appointment with a veterinarian. At this time, the veterinarian may or may not administer a heartworm test. Instead, they will reco