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Dog tags for dogs

Given that one female dog and her puppies could produce nearly five thousand puppies in seven years, it is important that we have a method for knowing which dogs are ours. There are dog tags for pets that can help with this, and given that our own pets can recognize us based on our scent alone whether we are bathed or not or what extras we have on, we should at the very least have dog id tags out there that can help us indicate our pets, just as they have a method for being able to recognize us. While researches have found that dogs can most likely sense fear, we should have dog tags for pets that others know what kind of pet we have, and if fear causes them to act out in any specific way. There are cat tags, as well as pet ID tags that can tell if a dog has allergies or is aggressive, but for many the pet tags are a way of helping the lost pet find his or her owner. These dog tags for pets can be engraved or embossed on the surface. The plastic pet tags with etching in many colors can be highly reflective dog tags for dogs. This is one of their greatest distinguishing factors and the reason many lost pets are able to find their way home.