Essential Pet Advice for Every Dog Owner

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According to the Humane Society of the United States, 46 percent of American households owns at least one dog; and around 28 percent owns at least two dogs. You would also have to assume that even more Americans would like to own a dog, but certain life circumstances prevent them from doing so. Perhaps they have careers that require them to work more hours or travel too frequently to commit to a pet; or maybe their landlords do not permit dogs on their properties. Regardless, America is clearly in love with dogs, which has made websites offering free pet health advice online quite popular.

While most dog owners truly love their pets, did you know that the average dog owner spends only 248 dollars per year on veterinary care? This may be an understandable amount for an owner of one, healthy, young dog, but is it enough? When you consider that more than half of all dog owners own two or more dogs, most of them are probably not doing enough in terms of adequate veterinary care.

Veterinary experts estimate that the average cost for an annual dog check up is between 100 and 300 dollars. Of course, this does not always include flea and tick treatments, heart worm pills, or all of their yearly shots. Furthermore, dogs older than seven years should receive two checkups per year, not to mention occasional sickness. Unfortunately, many dog owners cannot afford to pay for regular vet care.

Sure, many people probably think that spending 100 bucks per year is not a big deal, but, in reality, there are few vets who charge less than 250 dollars for a comprehensive veterinary exam. Fortunately, even if dog owners are strapped for cash, it is still possible for them to get helpful pet health advice without spending a penny.

Although websites that offer free pet advice online can never replace a face to face visit with a veterinarian, they can provide helpful emergency pet advice that can point dog owners in the right direction. In fact, by consulting a quality pet health advice website, dog owners can save themselves the 50 dollars that it costs just to walk in the door of a vet office. Seriously, who wants to spend 50 or more dollars just to be told to keep an eye on this or that?

There is no question that vet care can be costly. This fact is especially true for those who own more than one dog or own senior dogs. The bottom line is every dog owner is willing to do almost anything to ensure that their dogs are happy and healthy; but they do not want to throw away money on unnecessary veterinary visits.