Five Simple Tips To Help Your Dog Live A Long, Healthy And Happy Life

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Canine heartworm antigen test kit

Taking good care of your dog means providing them everything they need. Taking them on a daily walk is necessary. Feeding them a healthy meal twice per day is, too. When you give them the full range of physical and emotional care? You’re cultivating a happy relationship with your pet that will last for years. Another part of the equation is tapping into your local veterinary laboratory resources. A yearly check-up for your sprightly puppy or older dog will help immensely with staving off common diseases and ensuring they live the longest, happiest life possible.

While each dog will have their own unique needs according to their breed or personality, there are some basics you can adhere to in order to ensure they maintain a high quality of life.

Dogs Are A Man’s Best Friend

How many people own dogs? More than you may think. It’s estimated the United States is home to over 80 million dogs as we know it (alongside 90 million cats). Dogs have remained a popular choice for both individuals and families for their energetic personalities, good humor and flexibility in most situations. Some prefer hunting dogs to help with their hobby, while others keep dogs to protect their children and their house. Yet more just want a companion to weather life’s big and small moments.

Give Your Dog Extra Love

Your dog is highly sensitive to how much you care. This means even the smallest of gestures can mean the world to them. A poll did a massive study and revealed over 60% of dog owners will give their pets presents during the holidays. While your dog may not have a true concept of Christmas, bringing them around regular company and playing with them daily will do wonders for their emotional health. Don’t go overboard on the treats, though! Bloating is a very real condition that can harm your dog in the long-term.

Schedule Some Routine Exercise

Contract lab services can only do so much if you don’t create a solid foundation for your furry friend. Every dog needs regular exercise, though some breeds are more active than others. Hunting dogs and sighthounds are well-known not just for their lively constitution, but their need for regular running and playing. Toy dogs, on the other hand, are more sedentary and can be easily satisfied with brief walks. Make sure to check your dog’s fur every time you come home, especially if you live in a forested area. Ticks and fleas carry hundreds of diseases, though some can be prevented with vaccinations.

Protect Against Common Diseases

Just like us, dogs can become sick. A little cold or few days’ of lethargy aren’t uncommon, but more serious conditions can crop up without warning and leave you scrambling for veterinary laboratory options. Heartworm is a painful, yet treatable condition. It’s estimated as many as one million dogs become heartworm positive in the United States every year. While cats need just one or two worms to become ill, a dog can have over 30 worms in their heart or lungs before they start showing symptoms. Common signs include coughing, hacking, breathing difficulties, loss of appetite and vomiting. A quick heartworm test at a contract laboratory program can diagnose this condition easily.

Check In With Veterinary Laboratory Services

When in doubt, your local veterinary laboratory services are here to help. A check-up once per year can help you keep better track of your canine’s health, from healthy muscle development in a puppy to potential weight loss in a much older dog. Vaccinations, diet changes and personal recommendations can also be gained from a quick trip to the vet. Heartworm treatment can cost $1,000, sometimes more, which makes preventive measures much more cost-effective (as well as less painful for your faithful friend). A strong diet, constant exercise and regular play will make sure your dog lives well.

Taking good care of your dog and they’ll take good care of you.