Reduce Stress with Funny Pet Videos

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Funny pet video

In a world as stressful as the one in which we live, humor is often essential in order to get through the day. Sure, people today may not have to suffer through the same things that people did during the the days of the earliest English settlers, at least life back then was simple. While most of us are fortunate enough to go home to our natural gas burning fire places and central air conditioning, the stress level of modern life can be unbearable. Fortunately, funny pet videos can provide us with good, hearty laughs. Thus, if you feel like you are at your breaking point, a funny pet video is a good way to laugh off some of that frustration.

There is a rather famous online video in which a wise, old yogi discusses the healing value of laughing. While watching the video, you quickly learn that he is right as you find yourself doubled over in uncontrollable laughter, as the yogi demonstrates how to achieve the deepest most resonant laugh. In fact, watching the yogi is probably more funny than almost any funny pet video that you might find online. However, one cannot deny the fact that the portly, chuckling yogi is far less adorable than the animals in any funny pet videos. However, some may find that a large number of funny pet videos are not really that funny, at all. But there is something else about funny pet videos that make us want to watch them. Basically, people enjoy watching funny pet videos because they are often more fascinating and cute than they are funny.

While funny pet videos in which dogs howl along to Bah Bah Black Sheep, as its master bangs away on piano, are funny to a degree, it is actually more fascinating. The same thing goes for a funny pet video in which an English bulldog dances on its hind legs to a Coolio song. While the video is funny, the behavior is not. The fact that the dog is dancing to that particular awful music is what is funny, not the fact that the dog is dancing. However, one cannot deny that the actions of the dog in this supposedly funny pet video is fascinating. Therefore, if you are desperate for a laugh, do not waste your time on funny pet videos, watch the laughing yogi, instead.