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Why are Funny Pet Videos Popular?

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Funny pet videos

Why are funny pet videos so popular? It is no secret that some of the most popular videos on youtube are just simple, home recordings of pets doing strange things. Although the big contenders are dogs and cats, there are some birds, lizards, and other assorted animals making the rounds as well. The other day, me and my friend were looking for non traditional pets and we found funny pet videos of lynxes, bats, and skunks.

Perhaps one reason people like funny pet videos so much is that they represent a type of simplistic joy and humor. Pets often have a variety of innocence that we shed in our childhood, and it is funny to watch them get excited over paper bags, become scared by lights, et cetera. Many of the videos also highlight strangely human characteristics, like dogs who seem like they can talk, and cats with very expressive faces, like Grumpy Cat.

Pet videos can also highlight the type of unadulterated love that is often difficult to capture on film for people. Cats cuddling with dogs, dogs befriending deer, deer acting as a mother to a group of abandoned ducklings, et cetera. Perhaps it makes us hopeful to realize that even nonhuman life forms can have a fondness for each other that goes beyond the basic instincts of survival, but seem to replicate the human experience of friendship, love, and caring.

Whether or not you like funny pet videos, you have to admit that they occupy a unique place in culture, and something almost everyone can understand when we reference it. People might not know the latest news or changes in government, but they will know about the video of the sneezing panda cub, or the clip of the talking bird that seems to have a mind of its own.

Grumpy Cat Says No

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Pet videos

One of the beautiful aspects of the Internet, or one of the many pitfalls, is the ability to find entertainment in just a few simple clicks of the ole mouse button. With websites dedicated to topics of funny pet videos, hilarious news bloopers, comic strips, and everything in between, it is hard to say that you cannot find something worthwhile to make you smile. The truth is that there are so many funny pet videos out there that a 30 second video might lead to 30 minutes of searching for the next funny video, and the next, and the next, and so on until you realize your entire lunch break just went by thanks to all the cats playing piano videos out on the Internet. If you have time on your hands, it might be a fun idea to start scouring the various resources and websites out there dedicated to funny pet videos.

The only thing to keep you in the loop for funny pet videos, like a dog running over a screen door because the vacuum startles them, is to start searching for animal videos on video heavy websites. These websites typically have all types of videos with everything from educational clips on how to wash a rug to music videos created by various people throughout the world. Searching through the archives of a video sharing website for funny pet videos would be the best strategy when it comes to these massive video websites that have a bank vault worth of entertaining videos. The only trick will be not getting distracted and sticking to the funny pet videos instead of trailing off to watch sports bloopers from the 1980s. Be sure to do this on your free time because, as we all know, you might lose track of time and go over that lunch break if you are not careful.

3 Important things you should know about neutering and spraying

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Arizona spay neuter clinic

There are certain things that we all should know when it comes to pet care. For example, when it comes to finding the right veterinarian, our choice of vet can make a very significant difference in the way our pets remain healthy and are cared for. At the same time it significantly affects the cost of veterinary care. In other words, finding the right vet means being able to find a vet that will not only provide the right care for our pets but also one who can be our partner in the care of our pets. Aside from finding the right veterinary clinic, one of the most important things that any pet owner should know is the importance of neutering and spraying and finding the right Arizona spay neuter clinic. So here are some facts about neutering and spraying and finding the right AZ spay and neuter clinic.

First, you may know that dogs only have sweat glands on the pads of their feet although they also cool off by panting, but do you know that if neutering is done before six months of age, it can also prevent testicular cancer. Second, neutered dogs and cats are less likely to stray from home. Moreover, they behave better than other dogs and cats that were not neutered. And according to statistics, 85 percent of dogs that were accidentally hit by cars are not neutered or sprayed. Neutered dogs are less likely to stray because it removes their desire to mate with other dogs, which is basically the main reason why dogs leave their homes and then return later. Third, due to the high number of unplanned litters, every year millions of cats and dogs are either euthanized or become stray. These could have been prevented by simple neutering or spaying of our beloved cats and dogs. There are just too many benefits or advantages of bringing your dog to an Arizona spay neuter clinic.

Now, when it comes to finding the right spay and neuter clinic AZ, the first thing that you should do is to do your research. Look for AZ spay neuter clinics near you. See their ratings and reviews from the many review sites. Here you will see that there are spay neuter clinic az that offers professional veterinary care and neutering or spraying at fair rate. One of the main concerns of many pet owners is the cost of neutering and spray. Through a simple research you might be even surprised at the low cost options that other Arizona spay neuter clinics offer. Now, once you have found the Arizona spay neuter clinic near you, do not hesitate to talk to the vet about your other concerns. You will learn about the other benefits of bringing your dog or cat to an Arizona spay neuter clinic for spraying or neutering.

Pet Videos Are The Bestest!

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Funny pet videos

If you like pet videos, especially funny pet videos, as much as I do, then you probably view the internet as the greatest thing that’s ever happened. Sharing pet videos you make at home used to be pretty tough… You actually have to get your friends and family to sit down and while you hook up the VHS player and haphazardly fast forward to that one moment where your dog Scruffy does a backflip and makes one of your buddies fall down.

Now, thank goodness, video editing software lets you make concise and hilarious pet videos that can capture the moment perfectly, and video services like YouTube make it easier than ever to share these great clips with the whole world, not just your immediate circle of fellow pet lovers.

Talking animals, singing animals, kitten mosh pits, guilty dogs… There’s a whole world of cute and funny pet videos to enjoy. One of the best ways to cut to the best ones is to find out which are the most popular. Especially at the end of a given year, the cream of the crop of pet videos will have garnered millions of collective hits, making it easy to compile some really great top ten lists.

Back in 2010, Mishka the husky was a pretty big internet celebrity. This owners of this beautiful dog posted some amusing and endearing pet videos in which Mishka “talks” in a completely comprehensible and convincing human voice, modulating his whines and other sounds into expressions like “I love you!” and “How are you? How are you doin’?”

You can also have endless fun (like I do!) searching for particular animals or types of pet videos. You never know what you’ll find but I guarantee you’ll find something! I never get tired of watching ferrets perform their mating and play fighting dances, just like I never quite get sick of seeing guinea pigs sneeze, especially in slow motion. Which kinds of pet videos are your favorites?