Does Your Dog Understand No? Three Quick Tips for Training Your Dog

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Did you know that, in ancient China and Japan, Japanese Chins and Pekingese dogs were regarded as so important that they sometimes had their own servants, and were used as gifts for emperors and kings? Today, the dog is still considered a cherished friend of mankind, though few of us choose to reward our pets with their own personal servants.

When it comes to looking for free pet advice online, one of the most frequent desires is a guide to basic dog training tips, since a misbehaving dog can be quite the handful. Here are three tips to help you keep you sane and your dog obedient.

1. Be specific in your commands! Saying No is not a bad idea, expect it is not clear information for your dog to follow. If you tell your dog No after she jumps on the table, she might interpret it as a desire for you to jump higher, or jump more to the left, or jump to the chair and then the table. Telling your dog to sit or stay on the floor after this happens would be more effective.

2. Expect change to take time. Many new owners become frustrated when dogs do not understand their desire for barking or jumping to stop, but since these are common dog behaviors they will take weeks or months to completely irradicate. Take your time and make sure to keep your message consistent. If the dog is not allowed on the couch, everyone in your home needs to enforce this rule regardless of time or circumstance.

3. Rewarding works better than bribery. Treats can be food, but they can also be play sessions, petting, or walks. Reward your dog after he does something right, not before in order to entice him to comply. Free pet advice recommends that bribery will not work half the time, but rewarding will work 100 percent of the time and establish positive associations with the actions you want to encourage.

If all else fails, sometimes pet advice forums can be helpful. There is usually another owner somewhere in the world who has experienced the same issues, and has come up with a solution!