Grumpy Cat Says No

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One of the beautiful aspects of the Internet, or one of the many pitfalls, is the ability to find entertainment in just a few simple clicks of the ole mouse button. With websites dedicated to topics of funny pet videos, hilarious news bloopers, comic strips, and everything in between, it is hard to say that you cannot find something worthwhile to make you smile. The truth is that there are so many funny pet videos out there that a 30 second video might lead to 30 minutes of searching for the next funny video, and the next, and the next, and so on until you realize your entire lunch break just went by thanks to all the cats playing piano videos out on the Internet. If you have time on your hands, it might be a fun idea to start scouring the various resources and websites out there dedicated to funny pet videos.

The only thing to keep you in the loop for funny pet videos, like a dog running over a screen door because the vacuum startles them, is to start searching for animal videos on video heavy websites. These websites typically have all types of videos with everything from educational clips on how to wash a rug to music videos created by various people throughout the world. Searching through the archives of a video sharing website for funny pet videos would be the best strategy when it comes to these massive video websites that have a bank vault worth of entertaining videos. The only trick will be not getting distracted and sticking to the funny pet videos instead of trailing off to watch sports bloopers from the 1980s. Be sure to do this on your free time because, as we all know, you might lose track of time and go over that lunch break if you are not careful.