The Importance of Dog PlayDates

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Most dog owners, at 59%, have just one dog. And while it is true that those pups dearly love their owners, the truth of the matter is that they get lonely for companionship of the canine kind, and long to have dog playdates to play in only the way that those pooches can. It can be hard to coordinate, especially if you are a single doggie mom or dad, but it is almost just as important as other things in a dogs life, like regular vet visits and proper grooming. If you remain unconvinced, check out these following reasons:

They’re Lonely
An estimated 4% of America?s 55 million dogs suffer from separation anxiety, and this is probably because their owners leave them at home alone for such long periods a lot of the time. Although many of these owners (38%) come home during the day to check on their pets, they still have to spend many long hours alone in the house.

They Need Companionship of the Canine Nature
Yes, you are indeed your dogs best friend, but your puppy needs to learn how to be a dog partly from, well, other dogs. Learning how to play and interact with other dogs is an essential part of the pups development, and will make him much happier.

They Want to Love
Just like most everyone else in this world, all your dog wants to do is love and be loved, and if you plan on breeding your pup, then this is even more important. There are tons of options on dog dating sites and dog breeders meet ups, so you shouldn’t agree to mate your precious dog until you are 100% positive that it is exactly what you want to do.

Don’t deny your sweet dog the love and companionship he or she deserves, and remember that dog playdates of this nature, especially if they might result in some sweet pups for all to enjoy! Your dog will thank you for providing this kind of high quality companionship in addition to the love and support that you provide him with.